Minecraft : Find Amethyst Veins Deep Underground

The amethyst, also known as the "Virginal Stone", is a beautiful purple crystal. Usually found deep underground, it can be used to craft some of the finest items in Minecraft!

However, you might be asking yourself how to find the amethyst ore without falling down a massive hole into an underground cave (who knows what kind of horrible creatures would be lurking in there…). Don't worry! This guide will teach you all there is to know about mining amethyst.

Where to Find Amethyst in Minecraft

Amethyst can be found on the 'andesite' type of underground. The best way to find it is by looking for the large purple "vein" on your map.

Since amethyst veins are made up of one block, you'll probably have lots of digging to do to get a decent-sized vein of amethyst.

However, the work will be worth it!

Amethyst is unbelievably beautiful and can make some of the most powerful items in Minecraft! In fact, if you make your home underground, using amethyst for building materials would be a very good idea. Assuming that you don't dig too deep, amethyst is a great building material when it comes to protection from monsters and other creatures that lurk in the dark.

The best way to find veins of amethyst is:

1) use your map to see where andesite can be found

2) start digging in one of those places with a "vein"

3) if you don't find andesite, try another location

4) it's okay to fall into a large cave - just be careful!

The Different Types of Amethyst Veins you can Find in Minecraft

There are three different types of amethyst veins:

1) small vein - contains 1-2 pieces of amethyst ore, found at level 40 and below

2) medium vein - contains 3-7 pieces of amethyst ore, found at levels 40-60

3) large vein - contains 9-13 pieces of amethyst ore, found at levels 60-80

How do you Mine Amethyst

Once you've found some andesite, it's time to start mining the veins of precious amethyst. The best way to do this is by using a stone pickaxe, just like you would to mine any other ore found in Minecraft.

However, amethyst veins are different than iron or gold ore - instead of breaking one block, it'll break only one square of the vein, so be careful!

It's generally best to use your pickaxe on the entire vein at once, since it'll make the mining process go a lot easier.

You will receive one piece of amethyst per ore block you mine - congratulations! Your amethyst is now ready to be crafted into powerful items that are sure to help you on your adventures.

How do I Craft Amethyst Items

As mentioned before, for amethyst items, you'll need to use the crafting table.

All amethyst items require a single piece of amethyst, and they range from very simple (e.g., sticks) to quite advanced (e.g., armor and weapons).

To craft an item:

1) place your cursor over the crafting area

2) hold the amethyst in your right-hand inventory

3) make sure you have all of the necessary materials for an item (i.e., sticks, armor pieces, etc.)

4) place the correct materials in the correct spots

5) click on the 'craft' button to receive your new item!

(The items you can craft with amethyst are listed below)


List of Amethyst Items in Minecraft


1) Helmet - requires a piece of amethyst and a stick

2) Chestplate - requires 3 pieces of amethyst and 3 sticks

3) Leggings - requires 4 pieces of amethyst and 4 sticks

4) Boots - requires 2 pieces of amethyst and 2 sticks


1) Sword - requires a piece of amethyst, two sticks, and two pieces of string

2) Bow - requires 3 pieces of amethyst, one stick, and one piece of flint

3) Axe - requires 2 pieces of amethyst, one stick, and two pieces of string

Other items:

1) Pickaxe - requires 2 pieces of amethyst, one piece of iron ore, and one stick

2) Shovel - requires 1 piece of amethyst, one piece of cobblestone, and one stick

3) Hoe - requires 1 piece of amethyst, one piece of cobblestone, and one stick


Amethyst is an ore that isn't very easy to find, but can also make some very powerful items.

So, if you're looking for a new challenge, why not start mining amethyst?

Good luck!







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